19 May 2011

what have u done ?


                ta marah , ta skit hati , ta geram , ta bebai , ta meluat
aku cuma sedey gn tindakan dia , npa dan npa dan npa dia wt cmneh kt aku
what did u do this this is so effing affair tp tapa lhaa , bule dimaafkan lg tara tuh
hekhh hekhh , i dont know why aku trsa smpi cmneh , perlukah smua nieh ?
in any way , bkn bule na tgur dia pn kn . thats the troubleness off zero phone

sabarr ja lhaa , just 2 more weeks to count in, its nothing to compare past weeks
tp dgn keadaan cmni , aku tada mood pn na yg baru, dgn cra nie, will got closer
haha , worst thing i could i ever state.wehh i never stop thinking about him lhaa
its like its attaching at my tiniest pieces cell in brain.haaa tgk trok gilaaa kn aku

i never can be serious of hating him.just when i taught about the way his smile
so CUTE :) then i got myself smiling . yes im easy to settle so no hard work  
for those who i get mad to .make a couple funny dorky things , and i'll love u

and i just kidding about that . heee

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