29 April 2011


                   in early in the morning , my moms suddenly asked sort of things
         she said that she heard there's someone said that i had been PONTENG !
               HAHA ! u got to be kidding , guys i may seem happy or normal
           but the truth is im not , IM NOT HAVING A NORMAL LIFE NOW.

               hell on earth , why would they think that im that kind of girl ?
       im a human , i got my feeling and i know what im doing . im all grown up
        last night , i just cant stop my tears . i want him to know and understand .
                       that this is not what i want , far from that .
             ok what did my they expect from me ? did they want me ,
   go to school , back home at time and study 24/7 within without going out at all
     never have the phone , internet is for a good use only , no music ,
     no friends outting, no texting , no calling and i cant even stay at school !

  did they want that ? if they want to me to be a good girl . torturing is not the way 
          they break my heart to pieces , i shall die . can i go to hosp in anyway ?
                    that's the way they can see my pathetic face. hmmm .
       i just want my normal life backs , i hate these tears ! plisss , god help me

      i felt so different , the worlds seems weird and i cant wait for school .
               school helps me feel better in anyway . i love u school :)

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