17 April 2011

in misery

Ellow , zzz . I was totally devastated now . Heyy today its suppose to be a great day of me with him . We out for a movie , NEVER SAY NEVER . Then idk how i can lost my phone . Fathee fuckaaa !!! EEE , i hate those who steal it . It just lost a min after he called me saying he is goIng back . AAA , and i just crying over my phone .
Well that time idgaf if ppl just stare at me when im crying .Biela said , i look ugly in tears , how comes eh ? Adeshh >,<

For yesterday's nite , i slept with tears . HAHA , i cant g t sleep lhaa . Its too hard . I just need at least 1 message from him saying ' Byee2 tutt tutt '
And my sister , owww SHIT ! She just fuckin piece of shit ! If i could i never wanna see her and my mother face again . My mother and sister , they both just the same !

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