28 February 2011

ChoraL Speaking

                           Able to speak English ? 
                           watdafuck , of course!

                           Speak fluently ? 
                           aaaa . maybe ? heee

                          Able to speak in public ?
                          It wasn't me alone up there , so yeess:)

                          Can u make a cute face ? 
                          (^.^)  !

There , i got all qualifitication needed for my school team . HAHA ! Choral Speaking , i did  active in this activity back to when im in primary school . 3 year ago lahh . Nahhh , dh lama kot ta bt . Kekok gituu . AWWW . Trololol . Hee , basicly , choral speaking ni bt dlm team so aku ta la na shy shy cat kaa and was conducted by a conducter whom conduct us by moving2 her/his hand . 

           she tonggek her ass , kinda waving her hands ,
           make a weirdo face , 
           fussy around like a bossy person and there she goes .
        *then her ass gets more kembang :P

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