24 March 2011

sayangg cekgu , muahhhh

Cikgu Norlida ==> i love u as my teacher and my mother . 
If u hate me for my attitude , pliss dont get offense . Ur way of teaching is already ok , no need to change with another teacher. Teacher , maybe u dont know this . But u look like my mother , ehh u r like my positive side of my mother . HEHE , maybe u cant see the tears in my eyes . Ppl wont understand what i feel about u . The feeling of having a mother at school is the best feeling ever . 
U just can be mad at me , at us ! No matter how late are we for the lab , u still could smile . 
Watermark , now u r going . Greatt , who is next ? Better hope she/he will be as awesome as u . 
Teacherrrr , i love u :(
I gonna miss our lab moments . Goodbye , aur revoir ;p

seriously tade kaitan , HAHA !

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