30 March 2011

Without expected , i could fall in love with korean drama ! Damn -,-
Maybe it does good as ppl get the K-pop fever and so whatever . HAHA , ad tgk drama ni kt dvd kak ak bwa blik .The story begins in one day , a princess name Irwani feel so bored without her prince besides her . Then , she went into a witch room , where she found something . It is what we called
a dvd blu ray ~ lol ~ okok , so the drama called MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO . Gumiho ==> nine tail fox

Seriously , ak suka cita ni sbb heroin dia cute ! Dan she is not plastic , like pure maybe . Maybe. Plus suka sgt tgok chracter dia dlm cita ni

ok thats all , maybe pasni ak upload manyak2 vid Shin Min Ah niee kk . huhu .

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