17 March 2011

hate facebook

hate facebook ? yeaa yeaa , not becuz im complaining the loading that's fuckin slow . No no
just im sick looking at a this girl , let me name her BERUK
HAHA ! She fuckin have nice life . Jealousity is overwhelming x(
Is in a relationship with hott guyss , ok that i dont care T_T
Her picture with her DSLR is owhh myy gucciii , beruk takes the world
U name it ! Japan , Korea and the most nanaa , NEW YORK
Nenekkk , i hate her . So jealous :(
She is like a perfect girl who have almost everything that she wants , 
not what she needs 
She also good in photography and her brother like aaaaa , owhhh ^.^
Not to mention , she is gorgeous . Nice eyes , nice tall , perfect teeth , wavy curvy body , long hair , very fair skin .
She just have everything ! Fuck herr . Fuck u BERUK !
Someone please tell her about this ::D:D:D:D:D:D:D

just pray for one day , DSLR is mine :)
btw , yesterday  i almost dead when i heard jantung hati of mine is in a trouble. He scared me ==>to hell !
No wonder he didn't text me for a long time . Im useless , now that he is ok , i will use this time to know him better . HAHA :) 
Ily sweetie , sori post smlam marah2 kt u . HEEHEE

                                              daaa blogger , mnyak omwork mao bikin :D

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