26 March 2011

alone again

heyy.  Grrrr , tomoro its gonna be my besdayy . But its looks like someone is abandon me . Hurmmm . What did i actually expect from him huh ? Nothing really . 
I just want him to be by my side and by this midnite when the day is day gonna turn to 27 March . 
Just that , whether i call him or text him . But i look at the time , he still not sending a text . Yet maybe.

Last year i had no one really , so i was really really really hoping for a changes this years . Hoping there is someone i could share my smile . There is someone actually ==> my hubby , Rais Hakimi.
But he just didnt here , idk wat happen . Wtf , where had he been ?

Pliss lhaa do understand , there is no girl wanna be alone on their special day . 
I had my frens , but just the feeling are not the same . Dont u know that ? 
Ok im gonna be really mad at him now , let just wait for some more . 

Dear plis , i understand its hard for u to contact me , when u dont have ur own phone . 
But errrrrrrrrrrrrrr , haihhh -,-'
Idgaf if this entry gonna be way too long , im gonna write wat i can !

If he doesnt show up tonite , i had to find someone else lhaa kn ? Who did i actually have ? 
I had no one , so yeahh u can say that i am big sad girl . WUUUU .
This day is a nitemare , and dont let it be ! Huhhhh 

So anyone pliss , text me . 0174008464 ,my number . HEHE
Seriously , if u interested , just pm me . I give yaaa;p
may god bless me :(

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