13 February 2011

a piece of heart :(

                                    Once you are up there 
                                          My eyes on u
                                  It's all started with a 'hey ' 
                                    It's a crushed at first sight 
                                         It took so long for me 
                                       Try to get to know u
                   When u saw me u turned and walked away
                   So why did we been nice for a really long time
                                 For a time that make me happy
                                   and the rest of thinking you
                             Only GOD know , how sucks i am 
                                        when u are not around
                                    wishing i never ever met u 
                          i never forget what we had before
                                               here i am
                                     trying to forget u
                                thought , it's not easy as it's seem 

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